About us

Creating rare and authentic experiences with the Arts & Crafts of French luxury and heritage

EVANELA specializes in creating unique and authentic moments with the Arts and Craft Professions of French luxury and cultural heritage.

The granddaughter of an artist and the great-granddaughter of a corset-maker, Lucie Knappek founded EVANELA in 2012, driven by her attachment to French heritage and her desire to preserve and promote it. She is convinced that these experiences have a great potential to bring internal teams, TOP clients, partners and press together and gather their loyalty around the core values of the Luxury Arts and Craft.

The moments EVANELA creates with the finest craftsmen are rare in their very essence, because a craftsman’s time is precious (let us not forget that they dedicate their time to creating!), because all events are custom-built, and because of the emotional impact of the experience.

An EVANELA moment is an inspiration bubble, a reflection of the very essence of luxury: an experience which will appeal to all of the senses, and bring together time, a human encounter and the quest for perfection

The EVANELA agency is part of the era of transformation of luxury, shifting towards experience, sustainability, and smart design.

Our mission that motivates us to go further everyday is threedold:

_ Inspire individuals and professionals from all over the world by making them live Moments of Exception thanks to Arts and Crafts of French heritage & luxury. We grant access to a world usually closed to even the most exclusive clientele in order to live through an experience or even to order a bespoke piece.

Create bonds, emotions and engagement amongst our client companies, luxury brands, conciergeries or professionals dedicated to HNWIs, thanks to our personal concept of experience and event. We know that high-end clients need more than a simple provider – they need a trustworthy partner who can meet their needs and add their own inspiration.

If you know your clients, then EVANELA can shape an experience based on your own expertise create the right experience, in the right place, for the right client.

_ Promote the Arts and Craft Professions across the world and influence a prescribing clientele which makes a real difference for French independent luxury companies.

EVANELA supports the following Arts & Crafts institutions:


The EVANELA Governance Board

The EVANELA Governance Board is composed of major figures from various fields, such as event management, corporate strategy and entrepreneurship, and it brings us both its expertise and strategic vision.

Frédéric Bedin: head of HOPSCOTCH Global PR Group management board
Pauline d’Orgeval: founder of 1001listes and co-founder of
Alexandre Almajeanu: Internet Entrepreneur, Green Technology Investor, Business Angel
Stéphane Jacquemet : founder of the Corporate Strategy Award and consultant

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