Our Friends

EVANELA is positioned in a niche market. Its high-end offer receives a great support from true lovers of the Arts and Crafts of French Luxury & Heritage, and from all those who strive for excellence.

Because EVANELA holds to values and ambitions which bring people together, it works hand in hand with its “friends”: small, medium-sized or large companies sharing the same values.




Unlike “ordinary” calligraphers who specialize in a limited number of typefaces, Nicolas Ouchenir is a true writing designer. Over the last fifteen years, he has explored traditional calligraphy and created authentic visual identities for each of his clients, be they as prestigious as Cartier, Louis Vuitton or the Palace of Versailles, or more mainstream, such as Promod or Nike.

Each signature is unique and arises from a true journey into the brand’s universe. Nicolas dives deep into the history and values of the company to create a custom-made typeface, and never forgets to enjoy the ride.

The calligraphy of our signature “Métiers d’art & Moments Rares” was created by Nicolas.



Founded by André Caillat in 1935, the Manufacture d’Histoires Deux-Ponts is a family printing house which combines 34 types of graphic arts jobs.

Specializing in creative manufacturing, particularly for the most prestigious brands, the company designs and ennobles printed products thanks to the many skills at its disposal (creation, printing technique, bookbinding, ennoblement, etc.). These exceptional savoir-faire have led to the company receiving the Living Heritage Company label in December 2012, lending an international aura to this French cultural heritage.
The Manufacture carried out with talent the printing project of EVANELA business cards.



A consulting and training agency specializing in luxury and hotel trade, Luxury Attitude has been guiding palaces and luxury brands in creating and implementing their own service signatures for the last 20 years. Their innovative training programs are a guarantee of excellent service.
Luxury Attitude works with the “human dimension” of the luxury world. Their core values are a natural match to EVANELA’s own values and to the Arts and Craft Professions as a general rule.
Luxury Attitude supports EVANELA’s initiative and the Moments of Exception which help create privileged human relations with clients, encouraging long-term client loyalty.


Created in 2013, Slow Made is a free and independent non-profit organization promoting time-aware and eco-friendly creations. Technical skills and their innovative economic potential are at the heart of its thinking process and of its conferences, workshops and awareness round tables. EVANELA share its values and promotes Slow Made’s actions as a part of this movement.

Slow Made is sponsored by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication and the Ministry for Craftsmanship and Tourist Trade.


The Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais is a public cultural establishment that reports to the Minister for Culture and Communication.
Its goal is to share a sensitive experience of beauty through art and all forms of expression with the greatest number of people possible.
The RMN-Grand Palais worked with EVANELA to create eight exclusive experiences available to mainstream public and French companies during the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.


Designed in the spirit of high-fashion fitting rooms, the multi-brand boutique Les Suites is an elegant living place where enthusiast stylists guide their clients in their quest for the perfect outfit. Service is indeed the core value of this boutique. Presented like works of art, the collections take a new dimension.

Les Suites opens the doors of its exceptional boutique to EVANELA in order to co-create unique experiences and receive clients who have a great interest in Haute Couture and who are eager to discover the savoir-faire particular to the Haute Couture crafts.

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