Experiencing an EVANELA rare moment

... rediscovering the very essence of luxury

An EVANELA Rare moment is first and foremost an authentic moment reflecting the very essence of luxury, bringing together time, the appeal to all of the five senses, a human encounter and the quest for perfection in the execution of the service.

We are deeply influenced by the values of the Luxury & Heritage Arts and Crafts– excellence, quality, authenticity, exclusivity, proximity, sustainability – and we work with our partner craftsmen in order to create these moments and uphold the French excellence values.

These rare moments may take many shapes: visiting an artisan workshop, attending a confidential event, sharing a tea-time with a a fine craftsman in a unique location, experiencing a special moment during a high-end event

EVANELA will advise you on how to shape this moment and which Luxury Arts and Crafts you should focus on, according to your goals, your field of expertise and your personal preferences. There are 217 registered Arts and Craft Professions in France. This wide range will definitely allow us to provide you with the best answer to meet your needs, in Paris or in the French provinces. 

Our assets:

  • Unique and original proposals: we focus on creative proposals, scenography and the content of experiences and events in addition to carefully selecting our workshops and partners

  • A wide range of proposals: from the roughest to the most sophisticated workshop, from the most entertaining to the most advanced type of experience, we combine age-old techniques and innovations in order to bring the Arts and Craft Professions under the spotlight while drawing attention to their diversity, which allows us to find a perfect match for every client and preserve much-sought exclusivity

  • True commitment to the Arts and Craft Professions: our commitment to promoting the French Arts and Craft Professions and our cultural heritage abroad is a daily matter. Our partners receive compensation in the form of a fee, communication campaigns or business opportunities.

  • A customized process: we have designed a trademark six-step process, which will enhance the experience and maximize client satisfaction by leading the visitor through many aspects of fine craftsmanship

  • A unique relationship with our partners: we know all of our partners personally, as well as their workshop atmospheres and work specificities. This privileged relationship allows us to offer authentic experiences adapted to the profile of the end clients

  • A passion for the French art de vivre, and for our clients: we present the Arts and Craft of French Luxury & Heritage in the context of savoir-vivre, quality of living and take great care of our clients throughout our collaboration

  • An innovative signature to help you stand out with your events & public relations operations: thanks to our Arts and Crafts of French Luxury & Heritage signature 

  • Customized services according to your needs
    • Privatization of an artisan workshop or an exceptional location for your events
    • EVANELA guidance every step of the way in order to answer your every possible need
    • Other services on demand (interpreter, driver, breakfast delivery, etc.) with the support of our best partners.

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